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Online & in person yoga 
Certified Oxygen Advantage instructor


Teaching scedule
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Monday 6-6.30pm Onilne Pregnancy breathwork

Tuesday 9.30am Vinyasa yoga @down to earth studio, tufnell park, london

Wednesday 6-6.30pm Online breath work (oxygen advantage)


Friday 11.15am Pregnancy yoga @ hello yoga studio, hornsey road, london. 

Saturday 8-9am Online Yoga & Breathwork



For my online classed , email me to let me know you are coming, and any questions you might have. Classes are taught on zoom, i will give you the joining code over email.

These Classes are on a pay what you feel honesty basis. suggestion is £8-£15. payment can be made via bank trans, pop me an email  and I will send the details.


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About me

Candy began her yoga journey in 2009 with a curiosity for meditation as a way to find some sort of stillness in a busy life. That led her to yoga asana, being able to approach movement in a non-competitive way, and reconnecting with her body.

It soon became her way of life, inspired by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Breathing techniques.


 Candy has a dedicated Ashtanga practice.  Her teacher is Hamish Hendry, whom she has assisted at his Shala in London, and found it one of the best ways to learn a lot about human bodies and emotions on a daily basis. She has completed 500 hours teacher training, spent quite a bit of time upside down on an Inversion Teacher training with Patrick beach, and trained in hot yoga with Kristin Campbell, where she now teaches it for Triyoga.

Her most recent trainings include an Oxygen Advantage Instructor training with Patrick Mckeown, which is a scientific approach to breathing patters and its effects on health and function. Also a year long study of cranial sacral therapy at LCCT. This training took her very deep into the systems of the bodys tissues, organs, bones, hormones, nerves, and energetic flow/blockages. Her interest in Breathing has led her to...not breathing at her newest hobbie of Freediving. Diving into deep water on one epic breath hold. This is very much a meditation in itself and requires all the yogic skills she has picked up over the years.

Candy has also taught on three 200 hour teacher trainings for Path of Yoga, two of which were in person in Thailand, and the most recent one Online.


Her teaching style is very much influenced by her own practices and explorations. Strong, compassionate, playful and encouraging . as a teacher, she likes is to get people connected to their breath, trusting their bodies, and approaching any practice in a completely non dogmatic way. 

Oxygen Advantage
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What is The Oxygen Advantage.

The oxygen Advantage is a particular breath training, and series of techniques, designed to optimize how your body absorbs and utilizes oxygen. For improving breathing efficiency in order to improve overall health, both Physical and mental.

As a yogi, I was familiar with pranayama. But When i discovered the work of Patrick McEown, it changed my entire understanding of the Practice, and how most of us (even yogis) usually over breath...Thats right, we breath to much, and it is actually a strain on our bodies. So i dove right in, noticing profound effects on my sleep, overall fitness and mental health, and last year took the instructor training.

I warn you...It takes time and dedication to retrain your habitual breathing patterns. But, if there is one thing you can do for your well being, if you can train to breath the way humans are meant to breath you will see profound improvement in your vitality, sleep & mental health. 

I run sessions 1-2-1, in person or online. Please message me it you are interested in Learning more


I also run a weekly breathing Class wednesdays 7-7.30pm online, which will give you an idea about the sort of work involved, and why.  (see above in schedule for more details).

Yoga Trainings

2014 200hr Core power, Colorado, USA

2014 100hr Thais little, Subtle body yoga, the light center, london, UK

2015 300hr Tribe yoga, Goa, INDIA

2017 30hr Patrick beach and Carling Harps, inversions TT, Indaba, London, UK

2018 100hr Tapasya Yoga hot, kristin Cambell, Triyoga, london, UK

2018 (TBC)- Assistant to Hamish Hendry of Ashtanga yoga london. AYL, london, uk


Related Trainings


2019 Alchemy Crystal tones, Level 1, Yantara Jaro, London, UK

2019 Cranial sacral therapy, 1 year diploma. London College of Cranialsacral Therapy, london, UK

2020 Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training with Patrick McKeown,  Online.


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