I always found sound one of the most effective way for me to access meditation. For me, it is a particular type of sound..the kind that you hear with more than just your ears. Sound heard from deep within your being., that your body recognises even when your mind does not.

Alchemy Crystal tones singing bowls are known for their purity of composition. infused with precious gemstones, crystals and minerals, emitting healing properties that correspond with your bodies energy enters (chakras), DNA, organs and cells.  When played, these crystals produce a harmonic that is both heard and felt.

These vibrations assist in calming the nervous system. Sine waves resonate with our brainwaves alpha state (8-10 cycles per second). In this state we are relaxed and more receptive to healing and positive transformation.

There is much to be said on sound and its affects on the body. A tool that has been used for thousands of years, but forgotten about in the western culture, until now. New research is backing up the use of sound and its healing effect on our autonomic, immune, and endocrine system, and neuropeptide transmitters in our brain.

Crystal bowl sessions can ether be had privately with me one on one, or book into a group sound bath which I run in London.


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